New Open of a Japanese hot Spring spa resort "Aqua x Ignis" in Mie prefecture (near Ise Jingu) will open on 23 October 2012.
Kataoka Onsen, loved by the local people, has been given a new life by young designers and artists.
Also with the star chefs Masayuki Okuda (who has cooked for the Pope recently) and Hironobu Tsujiguchi.
They have a farm on the location and grow own organically vegetables and fruits there.
Mai Miyake’s works are in the Front of the hot Spring facility and reading room and others locations.
And she is the art director on the hot spring building and the four Exclusive guest houses.
The hot spring itself is really wonderful too.

Open: 2012.10.23
Place: AQUAIGNIS (Japan)

Architect, Land scape Director: Tomoya Akasaka(ЁORGA-Lab)
Art Director: Mai Miyake
Designer: Kaichiro Yamada(KAICHI DESIGN) / Koichi Suzuno, Shinya Kamuro(TORAFU ARCHITECTS Inc.) / Taiji Fujimori Atelier
Naoko Hirota(Hirota Design Studio)
Artist: TODO / Shigeru Moroizumi / Ko Ushijima
Book selection: Shintaro Uchinuma(numabooks)
Textile coordination: Yoko Ando

Photo: Satoshi Shigesato / Nakamura