Landscape paintings (Paintings of Mountains and Waters in East Asian
culture) are the popular theme for three scrolls.
From ancient times, human beings are nurtured by mountains and waters (or, by ocean and rivers) and perhaps being given and deprived by such nature, we might have been drawing landscape paintings as we draw our mothers and fathers.
For me, mountains seem to symbolize masculine something from its roughness and posture. It may be because most of the sacred mountain worships are closed to women.
On contrary, waters (such as ocean and rivers) are source of life and it seems that they represent feminine something as they have ebb and flow. Though it’s not included in the word “landscape paintings” (Paintings of Mountains and Waters in East Asian culture), I believe another essential element is air i.e. sky. There is nothing in the sky but there is the existence more than anyone. Because there is no actuality, it is the presence to make something live and generate of all existence.
This time, I guess I am generating my version of landscape paintings.
Recently, I happen to learn that my favorite hamburger brand, MOS burger represents Mountain, Ocean, and Sky, and I was a bit touched. (Spring, 2010 MAI MIYAKE)

Date : 2010.04.02 - 04.04
Venue : Tokyo International Forum / Murakoshi Gallery (Japan)

Artist: Kyoko Imagawa
Artist: Aki Fueda
Artist: Mai Miyake

Photo: Michiharu Baba