Everybody’s Girl is Nobody’s Girl

The activities of MAI MIYAKE are not easy to understand by simple interpretation or judgement, because she has been involved in activities of unlimited mediums such as installations, crafts, Japanese paintings, product designs and writings, with a central focus on contemporary arts, in her 15 year-long activities. However MIYAKE consciously or unconsciously keeps herself free from a formalistic art or an expedient perspective, which categorizes and judges people.
In “Everybody's Girl is Nobody's Girl", there are installations and space compositions which were not included in the previous three collective works, adding to artworks released after her 3rd book “Down the Rabbit Hole", released in 2012. The artworks are classified in five categories like inward organs that compose Miyake herself. And you will see this art book is just like one of her artworks.
(Mai Miyake portrays the composition of books as a body and every book symbolizes a body part or an organ.)

1. Charcoal gray cover book: “在処 Time + Place"
Top: Symbolizes “belly skin"
Installations mainly in museums, most of which are not included in the past three art collection books.

2. Blue cover book in I shape: “残像 Backbone"
Symbolizes “back bone"
Artworks of Japanese paintings

3. Deep green cover book in L shape: “余白 Nameless"
Symbolizes “stomach"
Installations/Architecture related artworks

4. Light beige cover book in I shape, horizontally positioned: “品 Things"
Symbolizes “head"
Artworks of products, collaborations with museums and business enterprises

5. White cover book: “詞 More Than Words"
Symbolizes “heart"
Poems, Stories, Editorials, Essays and others
The pocket bible format, compact and light, aims to make it portable. Only this book has a feature that the first endsheet has a different touch from that of the last endsheet, though they are in the same color.

6. Pink cover book: “言葉 Auxiliary Line"
Bottom, Symbolizes “back skin"
Talks with artists of diversified activities, according to selection of Mr. Yoshitaka Haba, the editor of this book: Noboru Tsubaki (Contemporary Artist), Naoko Higashi (Waka Poet/Novelist), Soshin Kimura(Japanese Tea Master, Koichi Uchida (Potter)

Author : Mai Miyake
Editor : Yoshitaka Haba(BACH)+Hiroyuki Yamaguchi
AD : Mai Miyake
Title design, DM, brochure design : Ken Iwahashi
Design support+ Typesetting : Junichi Kusaka + Haruna Akabae(B GRAPHIX)
Publisher : Composition Co., Ltd.
Printing : Apollo-sha Co., Ltd.
Binding : Shinoharashikou Ltd.
Cooperation : Heiwa Paper Co., Ltd

Release : 2017.03.28
Price : 35,000 yen (excluding tax)